Monday, 16 January 2017


JENNY, BELLE AND MEREDITH, the 1968 girls together


Sunday, 15 January 2017


Well what a week it's been !
The camera is still being fixed for a hefty price but much cheaper than buying the same level of camera new. But it's meant that I have been reduced to using old photos all week and also taking more with the ipad.
Although the ipad is good for taking photo's if the light is not right , you don't have the facility to adjust before you take the picture.
Then every photo needs to be sent across via email ! It took almost all afternoon for some photo's to arrive one at a time ,spaced out!
I am considering buying a smaller, not quite all singing and dancing camera, depending on just how long it will take for the other camera's repair.

(Old Photo )

Yesterday and this morning Paul's continued to put the large stained glass panel together and it's now almost finished , just needs a couple more things done to it and then he can fit the new stained glass into the front door and side panel.
But before he can do that he needs to remove the door and fit the letter plate, so none of this will happen until next weekend weather permitting.

So below are the photo's I've taken of most of the process of Paul making the glass panel.

cutting the glass to size.

Making sure you have enough of each size in each colour you are using

Checking against design to get size correct.
Once all glass cut to size it's time to put it all together.

Paul working on large stained glass panel.

on quarter in place

Half the glass in place with leading.

view from above of design in progress

once it's all cut and in place and leads been added, it's time to solder all the joints of the lead.
After which  special lead cement is added and brushed into the lead to fit glass in place and make watertight, then whitening ( crushed chalk) is sprinkled over whole of window to set and help dry cement. everything is brushed off and then left to dry overnight.

now needs to dry before final clean and finishing.

Paul holding the glass up so we can see it .

How it looks with light behind, still needs to dry and be finished, then  it along with the side panel can be put into door.

We are very pleased with how it's turned out and are looking forward to seeing it in place.

Once I have access to a camera I will sort out the webpage for this years Chat N Snap which will be on the 21st October. I'm hoping to start selling tickets at the end of this month. I have a theme in mind which I've wanted to do for a couple of years, so hope to do it this one.

Still lots of sorting out and selling of Sasha things that need doing plus also the household items no longer needed. Was able to give two large bags of china and ornaments to the local flying ambulance service who had left a sack to be filling and collected and I have a large bag of old but good towels to go down to the vets when Izzy as her next blood test in a week or so.

So it's slowly , very slowing making a difference but still a ways to go before the house will look very tidy without a massive clear up.I'm looking forward to getting through the winter and into the spring so I can get a few things sorted out re my studio etc.

Well I need to go and sort out a few things to sell, even though If I bought it I love it but I may need to fund a new camera....

Have a great week ahead.