Sunday, 19 February 2017


On the FB group they are celebrating Gotz Sasha's and Gregor's, so I decided to take some up to date photo's of some of my girls and I'm sharing them here, bye Ronny :)

First up is Sansa, my blonde ,half painted brown eyed no navel girl., she is wearing Vintage Sasha dungarees with Ruthdoll shoes.

A close up of her sweet face, with long fringe.

Now it's Raven's turn ,a brunette with half painted blue eyes. she's wearing Karen Warnaka with J J shoes.

a closer look at her face.

 Next is Ashley, a blonde with full painted blue eyes, wearing a Ruthdolls set , she was my first blonde no navel doll.

a close up of her pretty face.

Caitlin , a red haired full pained brown eyed no navel girl.wearing Ginny cords and a Diane Dukes Kaffe jacket and hat.

Caitlin's close up, she was almost mint when she arrived.

Ginny, my red haired half painted brown eyed waif.wearing Petrana with Lisa H boots. Ginny was the first ever No navel girl I purchased , she's the girl that made me fall in love with the no navels which I'd not really been keen on when I first saw them.

a close up of my sweet Ginny.

Wren, a brown haired full painted brown eyed No navel girl. Wearing Vintage Sasha with boots from Gayle R. Wren is my most recent no navel purchase.

I was trying not to buy any more No Navels but Wren just kept looking at me from Shelly's site until I gave in !

Martha my red haired full painted blue eyed No navel. wearing Petrana with Lisa H boots. Martha is my holy grail Sasha, not for me a longing for an NP but I so wanted a red haired full blue eyed No Navel and when the rare ones appeared I was always too late to nab them. Until this girl was offered to me by a friend.

I just love this girl and am very happy she lives here with me.

Now we have Winter, my brown haired, half painted brown haired no navel girl. wearing Karen Warnaka with Jj shoes.

Winter was my first brunette no navel, a little bit of a waif but a sweetie.

Last up of my no navel's is Mary  a red haired Shelly painted blue eyed girl. I bought Mary from Shelly's and because her eyes were a little faded and her hair had been trimmed I felt able to ask Shelly to paint her eyes in the NP Frido /Trendon style.

And Shelly did a fantastic job as you can see in this close up. There's a little bit of magic in Mary ;)

So the blondes Sansa and Ashley

close up

The Brunette's Winter, Wren and Raven

a close up.

The Red's, Ginny, Martha, Caitlin and Mary.

Close up.

Well they are my No Navel Gotz girls, I still have the button nosed kids and a couple of other early Gotz and a few later Gotz but I'll show them another time. I don't want to spoil you all too much . eh Ronny ! :)


Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Recycle.. : Convert (waste) into reusable material......

To you an old wooden cutlery tray ....

But to me...

A bookcase or display case.

This way , it could be up-cycled with the addition of a few pieces of wood placed at the right intervals , so that you could put more books etc on. It could also be painted to blend any differences in the wood used. Again on it's other long edge , it could be cut down, leaving just two shelves, endless possibilities !

Here it is, in the room setting with the table and chairs.

a closer look, you can see the handle holes at the side and could fill them but I think it gives it a modern twist  ;)

On the top.

I picked these two Royal Doulton miniature figures up on Ebay for around £5 each and they are a great size for the dolls.

I also found these two perfect little pin dishes by Carlton Ware from the 30's 40's and will , at some stage , have a special wall plate display made for them.

I also found this lovely little bowl by Booth's again from the Deco period , which I plan to use as a fruit bowl or planter.

So there you have  it,  a cheap and easy way to get a bookcase come display cupboard for your dolls, If you can find a slightly bigger and deeper one it would hold the books better maybe without adjustment.

Now I just need to add a little item to fill that gap on the middle shelf......